As write.well founder, my goal is to offer tools, techniques and events to support success in your writing life.

No starving artist, I balance a successful creative copywriting business with the time needed to nurture my literary ambitions. My prize-winning books include a story collection, Troglodyte, and a novel, Hollywood Buckaroo (now in its second printing). My short stories and poetry have appeared in journals from Another Chicago Magazine to Zyzzyva. I’m currently writing a YA novel titled How to Kill Your Coyote. Learn more about my awards and publications here.

What qualifies me to lead a kickass writing workshop? For close to 20 years, I’ve been in an amazingly supportive and inspiring weekly workshop with poet Cathy Colman: writing in class, critiquing, and soaking up every kind of writing insight she and my fellow workshoppers have to offer — and there are many.

I’ve augmented that experience by attending classes, workshops, conferences, symposia, extension courses, writers residencies — even writing camp! — to study with writers like Aimee Bender, Francesca Lia Block, Rosellen Brown, Richard Ford, Padgett Powell and Jim Shepard in places like Squaw Valley (California), Spoleto (Italy), St. Petersburg (Russia), Positano (Italy again – the food makes me write better). I’ve sent out bajillions of manuscripts, survived bajillions of rejections, ghost-whispered colleagues’ work, and re-visioned my own.

Now I’m jonesing to share the techniques and skills I’ve learned that keep me in love with my writing practice so that you can fall in love with yours.

this is my author photo. mostly fact, a little fiction.

this is my author photo. mostly fact, a little fiction.